London Festival of Architecture

The London's design identity

The annual London Festival of Architecture is the world's largest festival in its category in terms of events and audience. In 2017, almost one millions people follow the festival and four hundred thousands people participated to the diverse events.
This year, the festival provided more than 500 events around London, free for the majority, to transmit the passion for the British architecture and promote the identity of numerous glorious places and new kind of design in the city.
The festival was created in 2004 and for now 14 years, they use to support many design and architecture associations around the world, promoting their work and organise meeting with passionate to discover and debate about the latest innovation and technics. Each year is mark by a theme, from the memory to the community and the change.
A huge head team of artist, architects, politicians and designers are in charge and involved to manage each festival such as Sarah Mann, Jules Pipe, Tamsie Thomson or Peter Murray the founder of the festival.

This event is on

1st Jun until 30th Jun 2019

Triptoids involved in this event