I’m planning to visit London can you help me?

There are lots of ways we can help you to plan a trip but specifically we will try to suggest a few places to visit that are a bit special and well provide you with a great resource of useful information that can help you plan. Just click Plan my Trip and find out

What if I'm already here?

If you are already here you’ll want to know things like events and things that I can get to from where I am staying. Just click I’m already here to find out.

Do I need to join as a member?

Absolutely not – you are quite free to browse

Why should I become a member then?

As a member there are quite a few more benefits to had. For example you can publish your own journals, join our incentive system and take advantage of our TripFeed. It’s really simple to join just click login/register

What benefits to you offer a supplier?

You can market and sell your stuff on TripTide. We’ll provide you with page(s) to do this including different business models, optimised marketing and a new online channel to complement your own efforts like booking engines or discount vouchers. There are no set up charges and commission is chargeable on results.

How are you different from other trip planners?

We use term called interconnectivity – everything is very connected. This means that everything on the site is connected to everything else – so an event – for example the London Marathon can be connected to lots of other stuff like places to eat and drink along the route, places to stay close by, stories and journals of past runners and visitors – basically every that you need to plan your day out.

What are Shared Collections :

These are different ways of publishing, sharing and simply getting noticed. We have:
  • Journals (basically blogs)
  • Articles by contributing local journalists (let us know if you want to become one)
  • Groups led by Group Leaders on a range of interests from London beer gardens to Historical Dining
  • Postcards which can be sent by lots of social channels or even just the traditional red pill box
  • A TripFeed which will aggregate everything you need to consume and share
Just click Shared Collections

How does the map work?

If you are planning a day out we will provide you with a customised map that you can pin all your useful information to whether that’s a single event, the day’s activities or everything you want to do for the week. Just ask Lucy (she’s at the bottom of every page.

How can I see more stuff?

Just ask Lucy to ‘tell me more’ and you will see everything that’s relevant to your activity, event accommodation – or anything

What is a journal?

A journal (often known as a blog – but we like to different here) is a frequently updated online personal log or diary. It is a place to express yourself to the world – short and sweet is good here. A place to share your thoughts and your passions. Really, it’s anything you want it to be. For our purposes we’ll say that a journal is your own website that you are going to update on an ongoing basis. If you see something whilst walking London’s streets that catches your imagination we would love to hear from you.

Just get those thoughts and images down in digital form and publish it on TripTide London. We’ll do our best to push through our social channels etc and you could be famous. If you don’t happen to qualify for cyber fame immediately then at least you can claim a rewards from the Triptide reward programme(coming soon)

What is an article?

…….. (and why is it different to a journal). Well they are both two great mediums for adding fresh content to TripTide.London. Articles and blogs are the most popular medium of published content on the web. However we publish articles by all sorts of writers both well known and aspiring. They are normally longer than a journal and contain lots of interesting information (all the way down to stats and data) with useful explanations and analyses to hopefully give you the inside edge. We try to publish educational, informative and factual articles but hopefully never dull.

If you would like to get on the TripTide writing writing team – we would love to hear from you on (just title you email Article Writer)

What is group?

Groups are TripTide’s version version of a forum, built to bring London’s visitors and suppliers together around particular topics. Beer gardens, outdoor events, culture seekers – we don’t mind what your interests are – we’ll provide you with a platform and a channel for you to promote your group. Groups are places where members and visitors can share specific questions, comments or content relating to a particular topic with other users who are just as interested in the conversation. For example, if you have an historical interest in our city and want to start a group encouraging others to share your passion we will help you do. If you are interested in started a group on TripTide.London – contact us on (titled Group Leaders)

What are TripTide postcards?

It’s a bit of the old and a bit of the new. Sending postcards from London have been popular for hundreds of years now. We have just extended this to enable you to send a TripTide postcard from your smartphone or directly from your tablet. Take your favourite picture, choose a frame, write a message to your nearest and dearest and push send. Not only will it be sent to your favourite social media but your friendly TripTider will print it out at HQ, put a stamp on it and stick it in a postbox. Depending on the vagaries of the british (and your local) postal service it will turn up at a destination of your choice.

What are TripTide photos and videos?

Well what they are definitely not are a boring collection of galleries featuring endless selfies and videos – no there are plenty of alternative homes for that sort of stuff! We are trying to inspire you with lots of different ideas and choices of things to do and places to stay. A veritable jumble sale of stimulating images to make your visit more memorable. And each image has a dedicated page that will take you through to the TripToid or associated content piece of your choice.