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2:29am 19/04/2021
Lucy’s Serenity Collection

Lucy’s Serenity Collection

Open yourself to a little serenity

Times are challenging dramatically and everywhere you look there seems to be a lot of negativity; in the media, the environment and even in the sanctuary of your own homes. It sometimes feels like we are all trapped in this state of uncertainty. It is always possible to free yourself from this cycl...

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12:00am 13/02/2021

Be A Hero And Save The Bees

Honey bees make honey using nectar and pollen, just like human beings, they live in large colonies. The colonies tend to include a queen bee, female worker bees, and some male drones. Bees contribute a lot to the environment, the economy and our health. You can find more about the health benefits of pure honey here. One-third of the food that peopl...

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12:00am 08/02/2021

Delicious honey drink recipes

For the last 8000 years, the ancient foodstuff - honey has been harvested, and, during that time, we have enjoyed its flavours and health benefits. Here are a few ways Lucy's London Honey can be used, from drinks that gym enthusiast enjoys, drinks that act as a natural remedy to cold and flu and even beverages that everyone can incorporate in their...

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12:00am 04/02/2021

Urban Bees

As rural bee numbers have declined in the past few decades the number of their city brethren have increased dramatically. The urban renaissance in apiculture (or beekeeping) has grown exponentially. Big cities such as Berlin, New York and London can all boast thriving colonies of urban bees. The drivers behind these significantly increasing numbers...

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12:00am 29/01/2021

Local Honey and it's Health Benefits

Honey, a nutritious condiment has been delivering sweetness and happiness for thousands of years. Sweet-toothed consumers might also appreciate that honey delivers flavour whilst also providing health benefits. Lucy's London Honey is a great fit for your daily lives and is raw and unpasteurized First, what is honey? There is a large variety of hone...

4:46pm 11/01/2021

I didn't think London bees could produce such a range of tastes and flavours. Honey is definitely a 'magical foodstuff'.

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12:00am 27/12/2020

Big Cities, Local bees

Nothing lifts the spirit in the gloom of winter quite like the reminder that summer will come again. Just looking at the world through the clear amber of a honey jar can transport us to orchards in bloom and the sun’s rays on flowers. When, at last nature at her most promising and forgiving gives us the bees for one another spring, we know we love...

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