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10:30am 17/12/2018
Total Experience &  London Eye

Total Experience & London Eye

Kick off your exhilarating day out in London with a panoramic guided tour of the capital’s most well-loved landmarks. Familiarise yourself with our favourite city in the world from the comfort of your seat, and use your camera or smart phone to get snap-happy.

St Paul’s Cathedral

You’ll have to tear yourself away from...

12:39pm 07/12/2018

A Unique way To Commence The Festivities

Turn up at 10ish to join the throng outside Harts of Smithfield and enjoy something unique to this part of the world. Just spend your money and take your choice and join a few hundred in the crowd to buy some great meaty bargains in this Yule-tide sell off.

Greg Lawrence is Master of Ceremonies, replete in a dazzling white butchers...

Chris Marlowe posted a review for Bababoom
12:20pm 07/12/2018

We loved this place and nice & Handy for South London. Lots of locals in here which is always a good sign

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11:59am 07/12/2018


This is a kebab joint that sets a gold standard for the genre. It is a very cosy little establishment and full of locals indulging themselves in the big flavours. It is all set around a charcoal grill centre piece and diners are all tucked in quite cosily – not as claustrophobic as is sounds and it works well. Ingredients are well sourced and lovi...

3:08pm 06/12/2018

We joined our group as per instructions and enjoyed a wonderful walk through London's past - ancient and contemporary. A Great lunch stop as well!

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2:57pm 06/12/2018
Greater London

Greater London

Woolwich, Hackney, Stepney – all parts of London that many visitors coming to the city have had little or no knowledge of. They and many other lesser known areas all have their own compelling stories tell and have played their part in London’s great story. Greater London Walks take visitors on guided walks to these and many other places where one...

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