4:46pm 11/01/2021

I didn't think London bees could produce such a range of tastes and flavours. Honey is definitely a 'magical foodstuff'.

Raphael Granado published an article
12:00am 27/12/2020

Big Cities, Local bees

Nothing lifts the spirit in the gloom of winter quite like the reminder that summer will come again. Just looking at the world through the clear amber of a honey jar can transport us to orchards in bloom and the sun’s rays on flowers. When, at last nature at her most promising and forgiving gives us the bees for one another spring, we know we love...

Lucy TripTide published an article
12:00am 10/12/2020

The Hives of Bushwood Bees

Salma Attan started her first bee-hive eleven years in East London; today she has 60 hives. She took up bee-keeping after learning about the anti-histamine qualities of local honey.

Lucy TripTide published a page
3:40pm 08/12/2020
Lucy's London Honey Shop

Lucy's London Honey Shop

TripTide honey is procured from London's passionate community of bee-keepers who look after many of the city's bee colonies. London's apiaries are spread liberally over the nine square miles covered by 32 boroughs (33 if you include the City of London). Each of our suppliers produces memorable honey from all over London and each jar is unique to th...

Raphael Granado published a page
3:57pm 12/11/2020
Revolution Lighting

Revolution Lighting

Revolution lighting refurbishes vintage lights of the highest quality, restored by one of the most experienced craftsmen. With a perfectionist mindset to detail, customers looking for top calibre lights will find it here. They are hand-made, high quality and have an amazing reputation.

Raphael Granado published an article
12:00am 09/11/2020

The challenge for market traders right now

With the second national lockdown, almost all of London's businesses have suffered, and some are now closing permanently. This has been particularly focussed during the second lockdown. One of the most badly affected areas in London's markets and there has been a record low number of customers, with minimal support for traders from the government.<...

7:59am 24/09/2020

I never knew Bermondsey could be so fascinating

Raphael Granado published an article
12:00am 23/09/2020

TripTide Tour Guide Digital Management System

It seems like one of the hardest-hit industries in the UK is the tourism business. Sadly quite a few restaurants, cinemas and even the pubs have had to close down, and a few that had to close down permanently. Due to the effect of the pandemic and social distancing rules, many tour guides have considered cancelling this year altogether and wait unt...

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