Things I have learned about London

Good to know stuff before you get here

Things I wish I would have known about London life before I arrived in town

Plan a trip, take a lot of information before, ask people about their experience in London, all this long and boring stuff are actually very useful. Of course, you cannot understand everything without living there but the more you will be prepared about the London life, the most it will be beneficial for you and your wallet.

I've came in London with almost 3 tips on my own and it was a good beginning. After one month in London, I've learn many things that I would like to share with you.

The most common advice is relative to the English driver and their courtesy without any limits. A lot of streets don't have a zebra crossing so it mean that pedestrians have not priority and they will confirm you that to beep the horn when you peacefully cross the street. For many people, the driving sense is reverse in London so every time before crossing any street, look twice on the both side of the road to be sure you can cross it safely. Be very careful with that because you'll need a lot of times and frights to take the trick.

To have a great London trip, enjoy a drink between friends or with your family in a pub is certainly include in it. But, everyone no that bars and pub are full and use it against us. You need to be careful with the people in drugs around pubs because they will try to approach you the closest way possible to steal you something. So, never to close with this kind of person and if they want to hug you, don't let this happen, it will be better for all of you

Group Discussions

As a visitor how safe do you feel about travelling back to your accommodation at night?

Are there any special tips that people can share in this group about travel at night ? Here is an article that I found on the site that that covers some of this stuff but I am sure there is more things

Chris Marlowe 1:51pm 05/06/2018

"I think that London is pretty safe these days - just follow the rules ie don't flash your valuables or look too lost"

Different window

When I arrived in London, i visit my apartement that I live in right now and the first things I've seen was the window whose opened outside of the house. In France you can open your window, obviously, but to the Inside of the house, here it's the opposit

Sarah Kuszowski 1:26pm 31/05/2018

"Also the door who can't stand by theirself, you need to put Something to hold them. It's so inconvenient."

London Bridge Experience

It's a scary attraction where you can learn a lot of things and explore 2000 years of London's gruesome history. At the beginning I wasn't sure that this attraction could be so scary than from the beginning of London Tombs it was really frightening!

Chris Marlowe 1:52pm 05/06/2018

"yeah but really just how scary was it on a scale of 1-10?"

Place to work

Thanks to P.Richards I've discover this great place for working: The Virgin Lounge café. If you are a Virgin client you can come and work there with a cup of tea/coffee and biscuits!

Peter Richards 5:30pm 17/06/2018

"glad to have been of service - just remember that all you need to have is a Virgin Credit Card or Bank Account and you can use this place."

London's Parks

As for me, one of the most beautiful thing that make London so wonderful and habitable it is the numerous presence of parks!

Peter Richards 8:32am 22/06/2018

"I really like the small ones with a story . My favourite is Postman's Park here is the link: It is in the heart of the City and you have to look very hard for it but at the edge of the park is a wall covered with plaques that remember heroic acts carried out by civilians in every day life over the last hundred years or so. It is very touching and worth a visit."


It's pretty hot during this period in London, it's time to enjoy the Park and good drinks in bar.

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