Big Apple Brixton

South London's Hot-Spot

In the on-going battle of the North VS South, South London consistently seems to come out the loser. This sad fact might be true for those who don’t know where to go, but don’t worry we’re here to help you revisit London!

Brixton, located south of the river accessible by a slightly longer than usual ride along the Victoria Line, is up and coming as one of the trendiest parts of the city. Although Shoreditch often wears the crown as London’s edgiest and most happening hipster paradise, Brixton is giving it a good run for its money! In particular, with Big Apple Brixton.
Big Apple Brixton is a funky rooftop venue open for everyone’s favourite seasons of the year: Summer and winter. If you’re looking for a unique London experience then you will definitely find it here. In winter, Big Apple Brixton opens as a 1970s New York style Winter Wonderland complete with some of the city’s best street food vendors, two bars serving classic and innovative cocktails and a buzzy nightclub all wrapped up under a heated covered ceiling.

I myself was mesmerised by the neon lights and pop-art-esque décor as Big Apple Brixton fully embraced the 70s theme with groovy disco tunes and retro aesthetic. Its resident street-food vendors are among London’s most popular and I indulged in the gooey deliciousness of Mac to the Future’s Mac n Cheese and oh my Gouda I was not disappointed!

In summer, Big Apple Brixton opens as a rooftop beach taking influence from a 1980’s Miami Beach – (It seems Brixton is really loving the American theme!) Open for 14 fabulous weekends throughout summer, Big Apple Brixton is the perfect way to add a day at the beach to any city break. White sand, palm trees and continuous prayers for good weather set the vibe at Brixton’s Beach Boulevard.

There are plenty of wonderful bars and restaurants beckoning London visitors south of river and Big Apple Brixton is definitely one of them!