Craft beer and BYO in Balham

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We’d heard about this innovative little tap room from an inside source (well one of the barmaids actually) so the tasting team made its way to this bustling bar at the Belville Brewing Company - a hidden gem in South West London and tucked away on a trading estate next door to Wandsworth Common Station. It was well worth the walk from Balham as we pitched up on a Thursday evening which was coincidentally BYO night - just take your own food with you - when customers can bring along their own choice of snacks. We were rewarded with a great combination of craft ales to suit all palates – all loving described by Amelia (the said barmaid) who apparently had a hand in making one or two herself. We understand her personal addition of one or two pumpkins made the essential difference between good and excellent in at least one of the sampled beverages.

Steam Lager, Pale Ale and Session Lager are all lovingly brewed next door in the brewery and then served up with aplomb with some dedicated service. Entrance to the Tap Room can be gained at ground level halfway down Jaggard Way and customers can make their way to the bar on the first floor. It’s very homely and intimate all the way down to the homegrown furniture. For lovers of craft beer enthusiastically and knowledgably served up – look no further. It’s all very West Coast as articulated by it’s branded American ‘Schooner’ style glasses. All in all a great night in one of the less known London areas and well worth the trip. Serving stopped at 10.00 by which time we were full.