My Brick Lane Discovery

One of the trendiest place of my visit

Have you ever heard about Brick Lane ? This spot gathers artists and free-minded people, which creates a microcosm in the heart of London.

This place is one of the best if you're looking for thrift shops and amazing vintage clothes. If you're fond of retro designers clothes and early 2000's vibe, this place will feels like heaven on earth ! I recommend BLITZ, Rokit, Absolute Vintage and East End Thrift Store for really nice clothes.

Being a really cosmopolitan place, Brick Lane is also known for all of its food stalls serving great food from everywhere. If you're craving Caribbean, Indian, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Mexican, French (and much more) food you're at the right place ! The scent of all of these delicacies will makes your mind travel and makes you feel so good that you're going to want to try everything.

If you're hooked on street art, Brick Lane will not disappoint you ! This place is world famous for its street art, which features artists such as Banksy, D*Face and Ben Eine. Artists from all over the world and the UK come here to paint and the street art is constantly changing.

I really recommend this place, which for me is one of the coolest in London !