PIN Leake Street

London`s Biggest Graffiti Gallery

Leake Street, also known as the Banksy Tunnel or Graffiti Tunnel is a vehicle free tunnel running under Waterloo Station. It is about 300 metres long, runs off York Road and the walls are decorated with graffiti. It was initially created during the Cans Festival organised by Banksy on 3-5 May 2008. Murals in the Bristol artist`s famous stencil style appear with work by lesser known other artists in the hitherto unused tunnel.

When opening the tunnel with his first exhibition of stencilled work at the Cans Festival, Banksy aimed to transform a dark forgotten filth pit into an oasis of beautiful art and added that “anyone with a paint can should have as much say in how our cities look as architects and 'ad men'.
Its gritty, eye-opening and totally unlike anything else you`ll see in London. It has high street cred and is not at all dangerous unless you get dizzy looking up! There are always plenty of people milling round taking pictures and make sure that you take plenty because they might not be there if you come back again

If you are REALLY interested in graffiti, check out this street art tour


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Leake St, York Rd, Waterloo, SE18YR (View on Google Maps)
Under Waterloo Station

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