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TripTide honey is procured from London's passionate community of bee-keepers who look after many of the city's bee colonies. London's apiaries are spread liberally over the nine square miles covered by 32 boroughs (33 if you include the City of London). Each of our suppliers produces memorable honey from all over London and each jar is unique to the area where the bees work their magic. It comes from sites as diverse as Epping Forest to the Royal Albert Dock.

London, literally, has thousands of beehives and these busy little animals live and breathe the pollen of the areas where they forage. the result is distinctly flavoured honey bearing the signature of the area in which it was produced. The honey can also have seasonal variations in flavour depending on the local pollen sources eg springtime lime, summertime blackberry and autumnal.

We know the suppliers of each jar of honey we sell and we can guarantee that it will be not only made in London but will be raw and single-sourced.

London Bee Keepers

Beekeeping in London presents its own challenges. All our beekeepers are experts in managing their colonies, recognising problematic diseases, minimising swarming and ensuring their bees become part of the local environment's DNA. They are particularly adept at husbanding their flying flock to produce exquisite honey that resonates with the scents and flavours of all the local plants and trees gardens and greenspace all over their borough.

The city is also a challenging environment for other beneficial insects given that the number of managed honey bee colonies in London has doubled in recent years. Additionally, the exponential increase in construction project continually decreases the opportunity to plant large flowering trees and budget cuts has disabled the maintenance of non-flowering planting in parks and open spaces. All the competition for food between insects is particularly damaging to wild populations of bumble-bees, hoverflies, butterflies, moths, wasps and beetles.

Health-giving honey

Raw unpasteurised honey has a multitude of health benefits, from having a lot of nutrients and antioxidants. It is well-documented that local honey can help to reduce the effects of hayfever if you are living or staying in that area. As it is an antioxidant it is linked with a reduced risk of strokes or heart attacks. Many types of honey are used to promote the health of your eyes.

Honey is also a great alternative to regular processed sugar. In addition to that, its antioxidants can lower blood pressure and help improve lower harmful cholesterol and helping with heart disease. Honey also has many antibacterial and antifungal properties. It also assists with digestive issues and is most efficacious when taken as a remedy for the common cold.


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