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As seen on stage and screen

Portobello Market in West London is one of the most famous street markets in the world. It is a popular destination for Londoners and tourists alike.

Portobello Road goes straight through the heart of Notting Hill, the trendy area of London made famous by the film. Indeed, so famous is the film Notting Hill that that scarcely a day goes by without someone or other asking local traders about the various set locations: the blue door, the travel bookshop, the garden fence and so on.

Portobello Market takes up most of what is actually more properly called Portobello Road, it stretches for around two miles, although on a crowded Saturday afternoon it takes quite a while to walk from end to end.

Different areas of the market

Antiques Section - from Chepstow Villas to Elgin Crescent
Fruit and Veg - Elgin Crescent to Talbot Road
New Goods - Talbot Road to the Westway
Fashion Market - Street in General and Westway Area
Second Hand Goods - Westway to Goldbourne Road

Public Toilets/Bathrooms/Restrooms

Knowing where they are could make the difference between a good and an average day especially since the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea decided to close the old Victorian ones some years back - they were unpleasant but at least you could find them!!

There are now 2 new ones, both single seaters you might say ... and something of a tourist attraction - are here:

Intersection of Portobello Road and Lonsdale Road
Intersection of Portobello Road and Tavistock Place


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Portobello Market, Portobello Rd., Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, W11 1LJ (View on Google Maps)
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