A Day Out In Dalston

Dizzy in Dalston?

Ridley Road Market

A vibrant collection of absolutely anything from absolutely everywhere. The market features a 24-hour bagel bakery, fresh produce, reggae music, a Turkish supermarket, and colours galore. It’s open Mondays through Thursdays from 6am to 6pm and on Fridays and Saturdays from 6am till 7pm – so take some time to go through this London institution that has been said to have been the inspiration for Eastenders.

If only his heart wasn't so full of love! If only he wasn't such a romantic! If only he'd worn slip-on shoes
- Janine, Eastenders

Ice Cream Galore

Molly Bakes:

You’ve heard of Molly Bakes. The name might not ring a bell (though it should) but you have heard of Molly Bakes. You’ve heard of this establishment for one very famous, very delicious dessert – the Freakshake. This was the café that first brought it to London, and they are just as good as you could imagine, and come in some pretty sinful flavours.

They’re worth the price, the wait (as there are often queues – it’s a very small place!) and the trek. They’re so big you won’t mind sharing, but so delicious you won’t want to.

The Creamery:

It is a chain, but this option is more of a go-to if you find the queue too long at Molly Bakes (like we did, the first time we tried to go). The ice cream choices are numerous, it’s tasty, and very reasonably priced. The décor might make you feel like you’re in a night club from the 00s, but it’s a good substitute for your sweet tooth.

Dalston Jazz Bar

This is not for the fussy. This is not for the picky. This is an experience. Strap on your adventure hat and head on down to the Dalston Jazz Bar, possibly the coolest, jazz bar around. The food is pay by donation and you get served an assortment of exotic meats and colourful dishes. There are a great assortment of cocktails to choose from, and you can even get dessert. All you have to do is ask your server for the next course. There is one thing, and this is where you need to be adventurous, the only part of your meal that you choose is whether or not you are a vegetarian (and any allergies you might have). It’s a complete surprise, but we assure you, the food is good. The jazz music that plays while you eat is live and they are always phenomenal. We can’t sell this place to you enough! After the kitchen closes, the owner becomes the house DJ and plays a fun collection to keep you dancing throughout the night.

After the kitchen closes, the owner becomes the house DJ and plays a fun collection to keep you dancing throughout the night.
- Cassie, visiting writer