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How do I get around in London

Lucy TripTide 4:37pm 04/09/2017

"Many of the visitors that we have spoken with have been surprised at how big London is compared to some of the other european capitals where you can literally walk from city limit to city limit in well under a day. To the the first or second timer navigating around London can be a quite bewildering permutation of places with an equally confusing combination of transport links and methods of how to buy tickets. If you are coming for say a long week-end where and how do you actually start to to make a plan of how to get where you want to go with a) spending most of the weekend going round and round on the tube or b) how to get the right ticket. As good a place as anywhere is this article "

(last updated at 5:07pm 06/09/2017)
Peter Richards 5:10pm 06/09/2017

"ok so now I have plotted out my route and decided that I can get to say Highgate Cemetery by tube and bus - how do I work out how to buy a ticket?"

Lucy TripTide 5:20pm 06/09/2017

"Let me ease you in gently here and do two things 1) Give you a few golden rules for getting around town 2) Introduce you to the magic of Oyster. They are going to make your trip soooooo much easier if you are using public transport"

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Peter Richards 5:29pm 06/09/2017

"yes I know the Oyster has been really popular but again too much choice is often quite confusing. How do I know which one to get? "

Lucy TripTide 5:34pm 06/09/2017

"when in doubt at the the train, underground or bus station just ask the guy behind screen. If you know what you want here' yet another of our very handy articles with just what you need to know"

Pubs with baby change facilitilies

the Mullberry Bush on the South Bank is pretty good

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