I love Borough Market

A London Bridge Treat

Yesterday I visited the iconic Borough market. Not dissimilar Spitalfields market, Brick Lane or Broadway Market, Borough Market is one of those places that have been around for a long time and has a great reputation. It is open from Thursday to Saturday and is located in London Bridge. It about the same size as that of Old Spitalfields, but focuses exclusively on food. Cheese, charcuterie, cider, fruit and vegetables, wine and a lot of French product stalls. As often in these markets, you can eat ’in situ’ with a bunch of speciality tasters, including for example a Kangaroo burger.

The peculiarity of this market is that it lies under the arches of the bridge crossed by the trains. If you're in this corner of Southeast London, Borough Market is a great place for lunch - buy French products or French vegetables. However if you are in North East London, you can settle for Broadway Market or Chapel Market (Angel), no need to go that far. They are legends of the market scene!