Travel the world with the cuisines showcased in the Maltby Street Market

International cuisines found in the market

The current problem

People cannot experience the wonders that other countries can provide, the beautiful beaches of the Philippines, the animals of Madagascar, the pyramids of Giza and many more. By living in London, people can travel the world with the food that is produced in this multi-cultured city. Visiting the top food markets of London can provide that experience.

The beauty of street food

Street food has been growing in London at an exponential rate for the last five years. Where top chefs trained in institutions like the Cordon Bleu has started their own food stalls. What you can also experience in food stalls is the authentic meals brought over by different people all over the world. It is possible to try top-quality Ethiopian cuisine, while not having visited Ethiopia.

The Maltby Street market, a possible pit stop for the Six Bridges Walk is a market that carefully handpicks their traders, where several brings in international cuisines. The two spots that will be talked about today is the Amen Ethiopian cuisine and the Gyoza Guys.

Amen Ethiopian Cuisine

The creators of this amazing stall want to provide people with the authentic flavours of a Berbere spice blend. A popular spice in Ethiopia. There is no other place in London where you can get top-quality dishes at this price point. You can get it with chicken, beef and they have vegan options. A food stall that has served in several festivals like the Notting Hill Carnival will make sure you have an amazing time.

Gyoza Guys

The creators of this food stall are foodies who love to try out dumplings. They fell in love with the idea of street food and gyozas and they started their own food stall. Their natural traits of being foodies have led them to be permanent traders at the market since 2016, where their dumplings are famous for combining different flavours to their gyozas that were not traditional. This led them to be voted for the Top 25 Best Streetfood by Timeout UK.