A main meal for the foodies - Maltby Street Market

Food stalls to visit in the Maltby Street Market

Everyone misses out on the true experience of a food market!

There is a recurring problem that occurs when people visit food markets. They only eat at one stall, the food stalls are handpicked by the owners to provide the best experience. It is impossible for someone to have that experience if they only have a meal in one place - a simple one and done.

The freedom that the food market brings

Dining in a food market is refreshing as you get to choose what to eat, you could support and enjoy businesses that has similar values to yourself. There are several food stalls in the Maltby Street Market that serves food that is organic, where they source material that is environmentally friendly and more. That freedom can also solve the issue of missing out on the experience the organisers want you to enjoy, a food market is supposed to be experienced like any other restaurant - with a three-course meal.

Main meals

This blog will talk about the potential main meals in detail. This blog will talk about the Beefsteaks and Duck Frites.

The Beefsteaks

A great place to have grass fed, dry aged beef at a great price. Served in a bun, and triple fried chips - their goal was to democratise the theme of a classic London steak club while making sure the quality is still on point.

Duck Frites

Another food spot in the market that makes sure they provide meals that are fresh and organic. This stall provides dishes with duck with a combination of Raclette cheese and Confit duck over chips that are triple cooked. They make sure they have seasonal changes to their menu to be Enviromentally sustainable.