Saturday Afternoon... Spitalfields Market

Its been a while ....

Well 34 years to be precise. My squash club used to be on the site of the old market and after I finished purging myself of the previous nights excesses I would walk back to my offices on the edge of the City in Houndsditch and prepare myself for a days work. In those days walking through the market in daylight hours would be like walking through a ghost town only with the smell of old fruit and veg assaulting all your olfactory sensibilities.

Yesterday, Saturday afternoon, I attended a birthday brunch and my - how things had changed! I went from nearby Aldgate East Station and walked through the pulsating area surrounding Brick Lane which was full of local Londoners and curious visitors. I was heading for Blixen in Brushfield Street via Whitechapel and was positively amazed by the length and breadth of restaurants, pubs, shops and all manner of interesting stuff. This was no longer the run down derelict area depicted in 'Lock,Stock' but a brilliant illustration of how a local area can transform itself into a major attraction. Of course we all know about nearby Shoreditch but Spitalfields has a discrete charm all of its own.

Blixens was a dream replete with all manner of craft beer and exotic burgery. About 4 we spilled out into the market to experience some great market stalls and then dived into a couple of local hostelries to complete the day out.

For visitors coming to town for their first day out it is the perfect foil to the average fare served up by your normal trip plans.

We loved and to quote Paul Weller: "Some of the boys said they'd be back next week...".