The Hive Honey Shop

Made in London

I chanced upon this exquisite little shop in Brixton and found a hidden gem. Say what you like - you might think that it’s just another boring honey shop like any other but it’s far, far more than that. It’s a family’s legacy. Apparently, it all goes back in 1924 when the present owner, James Hamil's grandfather learnt how to keep bees. A few decades later, he taught his grandson 'the knowledge' on all things bee-like.
“When it comes to quality, our reputation is our guarantee” Indeed, I discovered that The Hive Honey Shop has won over 300 awards which say a lot about their passion and what makes their home-made products so unique and special. What’s really interesting about it is its huge product range: you can find basic honey, cosmetics, sweets, health products, candles, and you can even buy some beekeeping equipment to become a beekeeper too!

Basically, The Hive Honey Shop is about passion, quality, family, and London honey.