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Birley`s is a favourite lunch destination amongst students and those who work in the area alike.

What is so likeable about this place- is how FRESH the ingredients are. Stating `ingredients` rather `food` is because almost everything you can order in Birley`s can be tailored to exactly what you want; be it a salad or a sandwich. You are able to chose exactly what you want in it, as many or as little ingredients as you wish.

More about the experience

Birley's is scattered in many locations across London. You are able to order salads, with countless ingredients and dressings you can choose from. As well as sandwiches which are either pre-made or you can chose what you want to put in them. There is also soups, cakes and drinks you can also purchase.

The place typifies lunch, as it only is open until 3pm. It may take longer than the typical pick-up-your sandwich and go place, but this is what makes it different!

Triptide Thoughts

Triptide really loves this place, as its ingredients are indeed so fresh, and there is so much choice to be made! You really can feel as though you made your own lunch without actually having to make your own lunch! Prices are also what you want them to be, depending on how many ingredients you chose, particularly in your salad. So goodbye to having to pick out ingredients you don't like in your salad/sandwich!


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