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Break the Bletchley Code

Once the home of the World War Two code-breakers- now a vibrant attraction for all.

It is a place that is of profound importance not just before but now, as the secret intelligence who lived here had a direct and profound impact on the outcome of the conflict.

Their mission is to highlight the codebreakers achievements during World War Two and to transmit to current and future generations the work that was done there. Also, in a world undergoing so much technological change, Bletchley Park works continuously to identify new ways to enhance the understanding of the youth of innovation, technology and cryptography.

More about the experience

You can find out how it became home to the codebreakers, you can also observe the machines used during World War Two. Also how would an enemy code get to there and what was done when it did, also what was Bletchley's Park impact on the World War Two.

There is workshops and exhibitions on, such as one having been, "Keeping Safe Online" which highlights how Bletchley Park is dedicated to talking about technological change not just how it was influential before but how it is very much so now.

There is also a few eating and drinking options at the park you can choose from, as well as afternoon tea being served on selected days.

Triptide Thoughts

This place is not just informative but also very interesting, as a piece of usually covered up secret intelligence is revealed to the public, and more importantly a very significant part of secret intelligence. If you have any interest in these affairs or interested in a informative day out, this would definitely be a good pick- as it also is a way to commemorate those that fought to ensure todays stability and way of life.

General Information

Opening times:
Summer opening
(1 March – 31 October)
From 09.30 to 17.00
(last admission 16.00)

Winter opening
(1 November – 28 February)
From 09.30 to 16.00
(last admission 15.00)Admission prices:
Adults – £17.75
Concessions* – £15.75
Children 12 to 17 – £10.50
Children under 12 – FREE
Family Ticket† – £46.25
Friends – FREE


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The Mansion, Bletchley Park, Sherwood Drive, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, MK3 6EB (View on Google Maps)
Bletchley Park

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