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`Bounce`- is definitely what you want to hear at this venue. A ping-pong type bar, having branches in Farringdon and Old Street- this is a venue you will not want to miss!

How it works is you are designated a ping-pong table for 30 or 60 minutes, where you are given a bucket of ping-pong balls to play. Do not fret though! This is not the only thing you can do there, the fact it is also a bar means there is good music, so in between playing ping pong you can mingle with the other ping-pong players or dance the night away!

More about the experience

You won't need to worry about wasting time looking for where your ball went, as everyone is playing so there is such a Ping-Pong vibe everywhere (as well as the fact there is plenty of balls to go around!) There is also staff who scoop up the balls and put them into your bucket- so that is a definite benefit. This allows you to really just focus on the game!

There is also fun activity type games, where a staff member comes to your table for about 5 minutes and hands you miniature bats to challenge your table to play with.

They also sell food in addition to the bar, where you can delicious meals (with the Pizza apparently being particularly good there.)

Triptide Thoughts

If you love Ping Pong this place really is the venue for you, as you can play Ping-Pong but also socialise- so it is the perfect mix of both! The vibe is very fun and vibrant, and even if you are not into Ping Pong, the vibe really gets you into wanting to give it a go!

The place is extremely popular, so sometimes advanced bookings should be made weeks in advance if you want to go on a Friday or Saturday night. However, you are still able to 'walk-in' and reserve a table, but be aware that it may be 2/3 hours from when you book. So going early to book is probably the best bet to ensure your booking won't end up being too late!

General information

Prices Per Table 30 mins 60 mins
Off Peak* £11.00 £21.00 (Saturday before 6pm, Sunday all day.)
On Peak** £15.50 £29.50 (Monday-Friday - after 6pm)

Closest Tube station to Farringdon.
-Chancery Lane (3 minutes walk)

Closest Tube station to Old Street
-Old Street (3 minutes walk)


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