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The history of Brent under one roof

In 1965, the London Borough of Brent was formed. The borough is located in the north-west and a popular destination for visitors to visit Wembley Stadium, Brent is also the official London Borough of Culture for 2020. It has a rich history, it is blessed with a museum dedicated to its heritage - the Brent museum.

The museum opened in the year 1977 when it was still called the 'The Grange Museum'. For more than 50 years, it has been collecting objects, and today the museum has collected and preserved more than 10,000 objects. Objects that tell stories about World War One, to the decline of Brent in the 1970s, to being the Official London Borough of Culture.

They have a variety of artefacts that relate to the history of Brent Museum, you can see oil paintings, toolboxes, and many more objects that provide the story about Brent and its people.

What can you do?

The museum contains many displays, taking visitors through the history of Brent, from prehistory to today. It produces a number of free temporary exhibitions and events every year. In addition, the museum has online resources such as an archive and a database of all the objects that have been procured over the years. So if visitors missed an event or exhibition, all the information would be available online - free of charge.

Collecting Brent

Brent museum is looking to collect first-hand experiences and objects that reflect the lives of Brent's residents during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Email them for more information:

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TripTide Thoughts

A great place to go can learn a lot of new things about Brent.

Archive search room and Online resources

Brent Museum and Archives also provides the public with a number of useful online resources:

  • You can read about the brief history of the areas of Brent

  • You can also read some illustrated local history articles.

  • You could also see an archived film collection through the London Screen Archives.
  • There is also a catalogue that includes a collection of images and photographs.

  • There is a number of materials that are available in the search room, that includes local pamphlet boxes, history reference books, publications, and more!

    Researchers can view items held in their off-site store by requesting it in advance, please allow 3 working days.

    Please search the catalogue to see what we hold in the store.

    To make a request call 020 8937 3600 or email


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