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Something sweet in Chinatown

The name might get you wondering what it entails; but it pretty much LOOKS like what the name indicates. Imagine a `bubble wrap` waffle cone that literally wraps your ice-cream and all the toppings you desire inside.

Based on the popular street snack of egg waffles in Hong Kong, Bubblewrap brings this delicious treat to us in Chinatown London. A little fun fact; people back then were not as wasteful so did not want to waste broken eggs which could not be sold to customers, so made the egg shaped iron machine and blended egg with milk and flour to make this delicious sweet treat!

More about the experience

You can choose what sort of ice cream you want inside, and what type of toppings; a delicious one: matcha ice-cream with mocha and red bean toppings. Some others; Fudge Lover, Oreo Up, Avocado Egg and Berry Good- (and Very Good is does sound!)

Triptide Thoughts

If you are interested in innovative treats or even if you are not, Bubblewrap is a definite good try. If you are not feeling a overly sweet one (which do look absolutely delicious) you can opt for Avocado egg; which is as the name states avocado & egg. So a savoury one for those with less of a sweet tooth- a food outing perfect for all!

General Information

Opening Times:
12.30pm till queue closed around 8.30pm


  • family
  • , food and drink
  • , Downtown Westminster
  • , Child Friendly


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