PIN National Centre of Circus Arts

It`s all about the performance

If you are ever looking for a degree in Circus Arts, then look no further than the National Centre of Circus Arts. It is a centre which provides education on circus art, whether you are looking for classes or even a degree, it is possible to do at the institution!

Offering a BA in Circus Art, as well as 12 week classes for both adults and children in anything related to circus-ry- makes it perfect for those with both a mild and deep interest in Circus-ry.

What else is offered?

If fitness is more your focus, then there are classes that provide that! If you are looking for an intense workout, there is the option of HIIT intervals that incorporate acrobatic principles into the training. As well as workouts that focus on improving areas such as; flexibility, strengthening and stamina all whilst using acrobatic principles.

It is also possible to attend a 'Circus Experience' day, where you get the day to experience a wide range of Circus skills such as, trapeze and tight-wire walking, hula hooping, handstands, juggling and stilts- definitely not your typical Saturday afternoon!

Also if you are ever looking for venue hire for a big occasion, the centre rents out its different spaces and studios.


Classes can be bought in bundles or you can take single classes, where you can get special deals for bundles or joining 10-12 week courses.

Such as paying £7 instead of £14 when you have paid for a bundle- so less is definitely more in this case!


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