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Easy Central Cycles - A legendry Local Cycle Store

East Central Cycles is located near Exmouth market and is a popular cycle store. It provides visitors looking for an experienced cycle shop with great servicing and expert advice on their bikes. The business was founded by four people who have more than 20 years worth of experience combined and there are lots of different types of services that they can provide:

First, there is a complete service, a full strip-down of the bike, including new cables and the bike is greased, washed and a lot more. There are two other levels of service, known as extensive and standard. The shop also does repairs, from puncture repair and replacing individual parts. Additionally, they also do personalised fitting, to make sure the bike is tailored to the individual.

TripTide Thoughts

A quality bike shop.

Opening hours

8am -7pm Mon-Fri

10am-6pm Saturday

11am - 4pm Sunday

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18, Exmouth Market, London , EC1R 4QE (View on Google Maps)
A fifteen minute walk from Farringdon station.

from £9.50-119.00 Per bike

Depends on the service you have chosen

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