Boxong workout in Sloane Square

To put it simply; think about high intensity boxing in a nightclub.

This will probably be one of the coolest workouts you will have. So basically you have to complete a circuit of high intensity exercises as well as boxing being incorporated into the workout for 60 minutes.

Located in Sloane Square on the ground floor inside Kings Walk- this is a sure good option!

More about the experience

The workouts are quite intense, such as squats, lunges, jumps and boxing.

You are given complementary hand wraps in your first session, that you must bring every time you attend KOBOX.

Classes range from focus on lower body, upper body or full body circuits.

You also get a discount as a first timer- which will help in soon getting you hooked!

How it works with the classes is you book a bundle and then book on their website which classes you would like to attend, and which time slots you wish to go to. Careful though! Especially as a first-timer you MUST attend 15 minutes before, or you can expect to have to change your time slot if you get there late!

Triptide Thoughts

If you are in London and find yourself needing a workout in between all the exciting food places you are trying out, you can still do this and keep the 'exciting' in the workout! KOBOX definitely pushes you so expect to sweat and also expect to go with an adequate level of fitness to begin with.


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Unit 8, 11 Kings Walk, 122 Kings Road, London , SW3 4TR (View on Google Maps)

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