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Leicester Square is known as the beating heart of London’s West End and the square and surrounding area hosts over 2.5 million visitors each week. London visitors can experience some of the best shows and plays in the city as well as over one red carpet film premiere each week. Some of the largest children’s stores on the planet make for memorable family days-out. Travel out east, west, north and south and visitors will discover something interesting from this focal point.


The ‘Square’ has provided London’s public with entertainment for over 400 years. In 1631 the 2nd Earl of Leicester started to build a large residence which included a large square open to the public in 1750. Leicester House was demolished in 1792 but over time welcomed other notable residents including The Prince of Wales, William Hogarth and Sir Isaac Newton. In the 19th century theatres moved in along with hotels, museums and exhibition centres, becoming a popular attraction for locals and visitors.

Throughout the 20th century the area became known for its luxurious hotels, casinos, grand theatres and music entertainment venues. In the 1960s the likes of Rolling Stones, Sex Pistols, The Who and The Clash played early gigs at the legendary Cavern in the Town – now Leicester Square Theatre. In 2012 the square was renovated to coincide with the London Olympic and Paralympic Games and today the Square continues to transmogrify and make history with ever changing sights and sounds.

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This famous landmark, although teeming with tourist traffic, is often a good place to start exploring from.


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