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Cultural hub spot for Soho`s Creative Community

Lights of Soho is London’s brightest art gallery and members` lounge, operating as a cultural hub for Soho’s creative community and the global home of creative neon and light art formats. We also provide a daytime meeting space for Soho’s cultural connectors, influencers and creative community.

LoS brings together established and next generation artists as well as a programme of film, fashion and music events for its members. With the support of celebrated artists such as Tracey Emin and the late Chris Bracey, Lights of Soho breaks down the boundaries of typical art galleries and offer itself as the home for all creatives and ‘Cultural Lights’.

What happens here

Lights of Soho shows light art, in a precise and inspirational setting. It is very a classy, fun and safe place in Soho's heartland. Refreshments in the form of delectable cocktails can be imbibed in an ever-evolving background of neon art and swinging beats. LOS is one of the last few spots swimming against the tide to maintain the original spirit and liveliness of area.

LOS is an amazing place to visit and see some wonderful creative art. It's also a great place to grab a tea and coffee throughout the day as well. It is a really fascinating gallery with interesting neon light sculptures and there is so much going on all the time. Regular events include parties, talks and presentations where visitors can meet new and emerging artists.

LoS is an amazing creative hub where artists, musicians, writers and visitors come together. Its small, bright and friendly and open day and night and maintains the spirit of Old Soho which is a dimishing commodity today.

A brief history of neon

You can feel the influence of neon from the busy streets of Hong Kong to the Las Vegas’ famous strip! Without its neon signs, Las Vegas would be virtually unrecognizable. From the electric blue martini glass complete with neon green olive above Fremont Street to the multicolored hot-air balloon of the Paris Las Vegas Hotel on the Strip, these phosphorescent signs add more than a dash of colour to the city at night.

Discovered by British scientists in 1898, the element neon gets its name from the Greek word for new, neos. In 1910, French engineer Georges Claude patented a lamp that used an electrified tube of the element and introduced neon gas signs to companies in the United States.

Neon signs quickly became a popular form of outdoor advertising by the mid 20th century, adding colourful pops of light to cinema marquees like the Baghdad Theater & Pub in Portland, OR and transforming cities like Hong Kong after sunset.

In Las Vegas, neon signs are such a part of the city’s identity that there’s an entire museum dedicated to the preservation of its most iconic signs. Visitors to the Neon Museum can see signs collected from motels, businesses, and casinos that date back to the 1930s!


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