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Remember those crazy shakes you have seen popping up all over social media? Well look no further than Mollie Bakes; one of the homes to the delicious freak-shakes, which has been gracing our screens!

A bakery not only selling freakshakes but also a lot of other delicious delights such as cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, chocolates and iced biscuits that are sure to tempt you!

More about the experience

The place is very popular, especially amongst those keen to try the freak shakes, so perhaps try to come early or at a less busier times to avoid a long queue (a sure good sign!)

If you are looking for a cake or cupcake you can have what delicious goodness is on sale there, or you can make an order through the bakery.
If a freakshake is what you are looking for, there are a few options to choose from, such as a chocolatey one or a strawberry based one with lots of crazy toppings on topic- (one even has a whole brownie on top!)

Triptide Thoughts

If you are interested in trying a freakshake or one of their delicious cakes or both, the visit is definitely worth it. Doubt you could find such a 'crazy' milkshake anywhere else, so if you can try it why not! Definitely delicious amongst those milkshake lovers and not alike!

Its cake pops are very popular and can be found everywhere from the Brick Lane stall to Selfridges, and include clients such as Vogue and fans like Eliza Doolittle. A little fun fact about the owner, Maria Michaelides; she was new to baking when she started Molly Bakes in around 2009, but since then has never looked back!


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Molly Bakes Cafe

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