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A Taste of the Essex Sea-Side

Richard Haward’s forefathers have been producing fantastic oysters for an age. For the past 100 years, the Hayward family have been nurturing the same stretch of Salcott Creek, where the warm temperatures provide the perfect conditions for oysters to fatten. Richard specialises in cultivating Colchester native and Gigas oysters.


The Hayward family are oystermen of great repute and their lineage goes back over 8 generations to the 18th century. The family have cultivated, harvested and sold oysters from their farm on the island of Mersea in Essex and deliver some very fine produce to visitors at Borough Market from Tuesday to Saturday . they are unbelievably fresh and customers can be assured of the salty tang of the Essex shoreline with every succulent mollusc.

TripTide Thoughts

A wonderful briny mouthful – best shucked immediately and consumed with ample portions of lemon juice and tabasco.

How to get there

Borough Market is very close the south side of London Bridge and the station of the same name. Just keep walking over the bridge and turn right shortly after the Barrow Boy & Banker pub.


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Borough Market , 8 Southwark Street , London, SE1 1T (View on Google Maps)
London's Finest Oysters

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