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Long Life and Healthy Eating

One of the most popular heathy food cafes in London- this place should definitely be on your list of visits if you are in London!

It`s focus on clean, healthy and fresh food is a definite plus!

More about the experience

It seems the Good Life is all about giving back; they take pride in supporting local businesses, and also make an effort to hire staff from neighbouring communities.
They don't have WIFI because as their name implies; they believe you should socialise, enjoy life and enjoy the 'good life' at all times!

About the food:
Their juicer is a custom made hydraulic press juicer, where they use tonnes of pressure to carefully extract the vitamins, enzymes and minerals without compromising any flavour or nutrients!

They ensure their food is sustainably sourced as much as possible, and have the lowest food miles.

Also developing their menu depending what seasonal produce is available at that time of year, and guaranteed to have no pesticide or fertilizers.

Triptide thoughts

Triptide definitely understands why this place is so popular amongst many different 'eaters.' The food is indeed 'healthy' but is also delicious, and also has some sweet treats for those of you with a sweet tooth!


  • food and drink
  • , Downtown Westminster


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59 , Sloane Avenue , London, SW3 3DH (View on Google Maps)
Good Eats in Chelsea

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