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Described as ‘open house hotels, inspired by streets and scenes that surround them’ the Hoxton hotels bring a whole new concept to hotel stay. Their design and concept is very unique, and their décor is chosen very tastefully.

They have a branch in Shoreditch and Holborn (which is only a stone’s throw from the West End.)

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Local illustrators have designed their bespoke wallpaper with scenes from Charles Dickens novels, and students from Central St Martins have created the artwork in the rooms.

The six creatively designed meeting rooms are designed around a mid-century style pantry kitchen, and are fully stocked for guests to help themselves to tea, coffee and snacks as they please- sounds perfect to me!

Whilst their restaurant names (Holborn) are called Hubbord &Bell, Chicken Shop and their coffee shop- Holborn Grind. Whilst their beauty Salon- ‘Cheeky Parlour.’ If this doesn’t make you just want to check it out- I’m not sure what will!

Triptide Thoughts

This hotel is so sweet, and honestly one of the most personal hotels out there! The fact that the room sizes are called Shoebox, Cosy and Roomy says it all! In spite of all this, they really keep a focus on value for money, convenience, and unpretentious fun!


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199-206 , High Holborn, London , WC1V 7BD (View on Google Maps)
The Hoxton Hotel

from £200.00-350.00 per room

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