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One of the oldest markets in London

Whitecross Market has been operational for more than 150 years. It is one of the oldest markets in London and visitors looking for a multitude of different types of food and drink will definitely find it here.

The market is located in St Luke's in Islington, the popularity of Whitecross Market started to grow during the 19th century after an article was written about it. Today, there are up to fifty food and drink vendors opened on the weekdays at lunchtime. The market offers French, Moroccan, Turkish, Italian and a lot more dishes from around the world. People wanting to experience the world through food will find it in Whitecross Market.

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A great place for lunch

10am - 5pm

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My name is Raphael Granado and I am currently living in Bermondsey, I have been I living in London since 2007. I love to eat food, cook food and watch anime as well. One of my goals in life is to increase the awareness of Filipino food, make the ...


Whitecross St Market, Whitecross St, London, EC1Y 8JL (View on Google Maps)
Ten minute walk from Old Street Station

from £0.00-16.99 Per dish

Depends on which vendor you choose to buy from

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