PIN Wings of East

A High Quality Chicken Shop in East London

There are plenty of chicken shops in London. Chicken shops have become important venues where people meet after school, after university, after work or 'just visiting'. Visitors to London’s chicken shops will find lots of different variety at these places which have become a meeting hub for different generations. The Wings of East is one of these places.

'Wings of East' has all the essential items necessary for a great chicken shop, There are crispy fried chicken, the wings, the nuggets, the popcorn - in fact, everything a customer might expect and every variation of chicken delights to be made and consumed. There are also a number of burgers to choose from, from the classic quarter pounder to the chicken burger.

The food is simple, but if visitors want to experience a typical London fast food eating experience, this chicken shop will definitely be a perfect introduction to the chicken shop culture.

TripTide Thoughts

A great place to get a quick bite.

Opening hours

11:30 am – 12 midnight


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My name is Raphael Granado and I am currently living in Bermondsey, I have been I living in London since 2007. I love to eat food, cook food and watch anime as well. One of my goals in life is to increase the awareness of Filipino food, make the ...


269 Commercial Road, Shadwell, London , E1 2PS (View on Google Maps)
A few minutes walk from Shadwell station

from £3.75-12.99 Per dish

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