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Becoming one of the most well-respected ice-cream destinations, Yolkin has gained popularity in the ice-cream scene.

They sell their delicious ice-cream in a macaroon of your choice, where they make all the ice-cream flavourings and fillings from scratch.

More about the experience

What is interesting about Yolkin, is that it does not yet have its own shop, but is currently a moving pop-up store, so could be near your area soon! Have a look on its website in order to find its most recent location.

All the eggs used are from free-range hens, and the ice-cream is made without any stabilisers or preservatives. Also all the macaroon ice-creams are made that week and sold in that same week.

Triptide Thoughts

Ice-cream and macaroons? Together? Definitely a Triptide approved choice. It is also exciting that Yolkin currently pops up in new places so it can also bring you to new areas of London upon looking for your delicious treat.

A little fun fact about Yolkin; the owner loved to bake macaroons but could only use the egg whites to make them, so would have to throw away the yolks. She looked for another recipe to use them in, this is when she stumbled upon using yolks to make ice-cream- then eventually voila she decided to sandwich them together! So the name comes from the fact that if she never had to look for a recipe that used yolks, she would have never discovered the Macaroon Ice-cream sandwich!!

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12pm-4pm (OR until I sell out, whichever first)


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