Outdoor Cinematic Experiences

The silver screen under twinkling stars

It might still only be early Spring but in the months to come no one wants to be stuck indoors with the potential of warmer evenings to embrace, especially with the abundance of parks, pools and pub gardens to enjoy the sun in the city. Sometimes you just want to zone out and absorb yourself into the world of a film.

Sadly our London summers seem to come to an all too brief end but there are still plenty of lovely evenings that you just should not waste inside. After struggling to find a spot at the park or fighting for a seat at the pub you might be searching for a small piece of green space to watch a film. Desperately trying to watch Grease from your laptop or tablet, with a screen that is small and pixilated and the familiar buffering symbol can be frustrating. The scene pops up of Danny and Sandy going to a drive-through cinema, the romantic nostalgic atmosphere, the cool fresh air surrounding them and the big screen not needing to pause every couple of minutes to help the film along.

Surely there is still a way to experience films like this outdoors, where you do not have the distractions of a phone lights flashing during the suspense scenes or romantic declarations, and instead the flicker of lights are coming from the stars in the sky? The Rooftop Cinema Club and Luna Cinema may be London's answer to the outdoor cinema experience.

The Rooftop Cinema Club

The Rooftop Cinema Club is a popular night for movie lovers as evenings lengthen in the city, showing the great classics from critically acclaimed Oscar winners to comedic cult classics at four locations across London in Peckham, Shoreditch, Stratford and Shadwell. Each location has a rooftop bar to enjoy a drink or two whilst overlooking the city but if you can make it to Peckham you will not be disappointed with the view.

Once you’ve made it up the endless flight of concrete steps and have given the exasperated nod to the other movie-goers clambering up to the rooftop, you will soon realise it was well worth the effort. As soon as you reach the rooftop bar at Peckham’s Bussey Building you are welcomed with the spectacular clear view of the London skyline, decorated with the picturesque fairy lights across the bar and rustic wooden seats to enjoy your drink before the film starts. The film selection ranges from The Goonies to Fight Club, and there is something for everyone, with even the most unexpected Dirty Dancing fans turning up to enjoy the experience. There are warm blankets and ponchos provided for when the British weather decides to come out, and not forgetting the freshly made popcorn and movie snacks for the real cinematic experience.

Peckham under the stars - it's like I've died and gone to heaven
- Stan, Rooftop regular

Lunar Cinemas

If rooftops and heights are not your scene, Luna Cinema offers an equally unique cinematic experience firmly on the ground. Have you ever wanted to sneak into Kensington Palace or Alexandra Park after dark? Luna Cinema brings the cinema to parks all over London and the South East, showing films in some of the best outdoor London locations, where you can experience your favourite films in a spectacular setting. Bring your blankets, camp chairs and picnics and relax in the park with your favourite people.

If you love film and want a change from your typical movie watching experience in a cinema or on the sofa, book your tickets for one of these unique film experiences as soon as you can. The darkening summer nights add to the magical atmosphere, giving you that cinematic experience surrounded by eager film buffs, wrapped up in as many blankets as you can carry and beautifully decorated with fairy lights….Just make sure you grab your popcorn before the film starts.