PIN Covent Garden Secrets

Strike a pose at these little known historic sites

A short trail around covent garden

Royal Opera House

Strike an Arabesque position by the statue of the young dancer outside the Royal Opera House. This beautiful piece of artwork is sitting across from the Royal Opera House and near and the young ballerina, created by an Italian sculptor who loved ballet, waits patiently.

Photo: Pick a classic ballerina pose and try to match the grace of the girl in the statue.(PORTRAIT)

You will need to find the ballerina near the Royal Opera House

St Pauls Church Yard

St. Paul, nee Saul of Tarsus, had his famous Damascene moment, which is captured in bronze, by the side of the famous actors church of the same name. Recreate your own ‘road to Damascus moment’ outside this hidden London gem

Photo: How close can you get to St Paul's stance. If you decide to involve piggy backing, be careful!(LANDSCAPE)

The Bronze Statue is near the less less well known St Paul's church .

Seven Dials

In 1690 MP Thomas Neale commissioned England's leading stonemason, Edward Pierce, to design and construct the Sundial Pillar in 1693-4 as the centrepiece of his development in Seven Dials. There were pubs facing the monument, the Pillar, which was topped by six sundial faces, the seventh 'style' being the column itself. Take a selfie ‘telling the time’ at the historical monument.

Photo: Spread out the steps and have a look at your watch, or perhaps your classic pocket watch.(LANDSCAPE)

The timepiece is in the middle of Seven Dials.

Lamb & Flag

Assume the boxers pose – in the Lamb and Flag. The pub acquired a reputation in the early nineteenth century for staging bare-knuckle prize fights, earning it the nickname 'The Bucket of Blood.

Photo: Stage your own burly brawl outside the pub.(PORTRAIT)

Not the easiest to find, the Lamb and Flag is hidden behind TK Maxx.

The Porterhouse

After all this hard work taking photos you have earned a drink.

Head to the Porterhouse where you will find a table booked for you.

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