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Food and literature in Shoreditch

The Book Club, a venue located in Shoreditch, is definitely much more than what the title implies!

A hip eatery, of which its `cool` atmosphere and airy & open space allows it to serve as both a place one could meet up with friends or alternatively business associates.

One could either enjoy a delicious breakfast with pancakes and avocado on toast to start the day off well, or alternatively for lunch munch on the Burger of the Week! (Which I happen to hear is rather good!)

What makes it even more special, is its shifting exhibitions which dress the walls, of which artists and photographers display their work. This definitely adds to the special-ness of the place!

But.. by night?!

However, by night the Book Club definitely goes beyond what its name implies- it becomes a laid back bar which quoted from its website, 'fuses boozing with brain power!'

It very much holds entertainment events which are both entertaining but yet thought-provoking- in areas of art such as spoken word, music, advertising, food, design and some craft.

On the weekend, it also holds club nights which welcomes an array of cool DJ's.

-Definitely difficult to say this place isn't impressive!

Triptide Thoughts

What I think is so special about this place is that it can reach out to different customers with different interests yet satisfy all their interests at the same time!

For somebody looking to meet a business associate over a coffee, its natural light and open and airy atmosphere, helps to alleviate moods and provide a refreshing environment for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The changing exhibitions can also add an intellectual air, which may even help to act as a conversation warmer!

For those foodies out there, who enjoy discovering new exciting places, this place not only boosts an array of delicious both healthy and unhealthy dishes- its price are also relatively reasonable in comparison to its competitors.

Apparently its cocktails are also worth trying- with names such as; 'Don't go to Dalston' and 'Honey Be Mine' bursts emphasis on the focus on fun and creativity in this venue.

In addition to this, one can embark on its exciting night-life, which includes bands, DJs, film dance-a-longs, alternative dating nights, ping-pong tournaments, informative talks, life drawing and classic video game nights!

- So it definitely reaches out to everyone, whether you want to enjoy a quiet breakfast typing away on your lap-top or a fun unique night out with friends- The Book Club seems to be perfect for all occasions and moods!

General Information

The Nearest Tube Station:
Old Street (6 minutes)
Liverpool Street Station (11 minutes)
Bank (20 minutes walk)

Nearest Bus:
135 & 205 (2 minute walk from Curtain Road stop.)
21, 76, 141 (7 minute walk from Old Street Station stop.)

Opening Times
Monday 8am - 12am
Tuesday 8am - 12am
Wednesday 8am - 12am
Thursday 8am - 2am
Friday 8am - 2am
Saturday 10am - 2am
Sunday 10am - 12am


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