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Axe throwing in the East End

We think it’s the most satisfying and social, day or night out you’ll ever have. And we’ve tried a few.

You’ll be slinging axes side by side against your friends or colleagues, hitting bullseyes and cheering on your mates. All backed up with great music, atmosphere and a chance to socialise between throws.

Our experienced throwing coaches will get your throwing like a pro in no time. Then once you’ve got the hang of it, we’ll take you and your group through a tournament until the king or queen of axes is crowned.

Food and Drink

The venue has a bar serving non-alcoholic drinks, and alcoholic drinks for after your game. There’s also a food outlet onsite selling ‘Fusion Asian’ food, and loads of great restaurants and bars a short walk away.


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Lucy is a TripTide stalwart and has been with the company since inception. She is a font of knowledge of all things in our metropolis but she has a special penchant for London's historical past. She says:"London is a multi-layered confection of history, culture and activity. When you peel away one layer of the onion there is always another one to make your eyes water"


Arch 25, Handel Business Centre, 73 Bondway, SW8 1SQ (View on Google Maps)


from £29.00 per person

If there are not many in your group you may have to share a lane with strangers

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"A mad mad world"

Not been yet but was recommended to me by a friend in Hong Kong!

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