Just a boy from Bermondsey

My experience growing up in Bermondsey

My name is Raphael Granado and I have been living in Bermondsey since I moved to this great city when I was 6 years old (2007) from the capital of the Philippines, Manila.

Growing up in Bermondsey, I went to two local primary schools and two different secondary schools, some may say I am an 'experienced' citizen of Bermondsey. By moving to multiple schools at a young age, one thing that always stayed the same is the multi-cultured groups of people and how a lot of people supported Millwall FC, looking back, growing up in this district of the London Borough of Southwark, an area rich in history, rich in culture, rich in people, I can say looking back that I am extremely fortunate to grow up here.

The story of Bermondsey can be traced back 1000 years during the Norman occupation of England, all the way through the world wars to the development of Bermondsey square in the year 2002. The district used to be its very own borough until the year 1965 where it was abolished and became a part of Southwark.

It is also the Sunday Times winner of ‘the best place to live in 2018’. Today this district is part of the south-east London Borough of Southwark, which is just a few minutes walk from London Bridge.

Due to its location, living in Bermondsey has easy access to all the other parts of London, in addition, the district has a magnitude of amazing places to visit, from parks to restaurants and many more!

There is a small market place in Bermondsey nicknamed 'The Blue' by the locals, which has a variety of shops and stalls. The Blue has one of the very few Wimpys (a traditional UK burger outlet) left in the UK which is thought to be the original burger shop in England. There's also a variety of food stalls such as Thai food and even pie and mash! A place that deserves more recognition.

There's a popular spot called Bermondsey Street, a great place to visit. For example, the only museum dedicated to showcasing contemporary fashion and textile design - The Fashion and Textile Museum. There is even an establishment that dedicates to showcasing the art of glassblowing, in the store, there are a gallery and a store, and at the back visitors would be able to see a fully 'blown' hot glass studio.

In the same area, there is also an antique market, first opened in the 1950s, a unique market selling China, silverware, glass, and more.
Bermondsey has a large number of amazing places to visit, from old to new, with a unique individual story to tell. If you are interested, check out the links below for more information on specific places, and we even have a treasure trail that is dedicated to Bermondsey.