Southbank Centre Food Market - Desserts

A sugar tooth's dream destination

Southbank Centre food market dessert options

Dessert after a delicious main meal is essential. The Southbank Centre food market has food stalls that showcase food and drinks from all over the world. There is an increase in street food vendors in the last year click here to read the first part of this article series on the Southbank Centre food market. This blog will be an in-detail guide to which food stalls you should try for dessert.

The blog will talk about three stalls: Galeta, Crepes a la carte and Choco fruit.


Galeta’s HQ is based in East London, where they have award-winning products and most importantly 100% natural. They offer cookies, cakes, frozen products and even crodoughs. Crodoughs are croissants and doughnuts combines a truly innovative dish. They also cater to people who are vegan and cannot consume dairy products.

They first opened in King’s Road, where they sold out in two hours. We recommend for you try out their most popular product - the crodoughs (it takes three days to make).

Crepes a la carte:

Crepes a la carte, they serve French-inspired sweet and savoury crepes. This food stall serves Galette (savoury crepe) using the trading organic buckwheat flour. It is delicious and is considered a ‘superfood’, where it is high in protein and fibres and contains antioxidants (our Lucy’s London honey is also packed with antioxidants).

Their galettes can be served with creamy mustard, sauted mushroom, organic rocket, eggs and many more. Several products they serve are suitable for vegan, gluten and lactose-free.

The sweet crepes they serve are filled with amazing toppings. You can order butter and sugar, Nutella, lemon and sugar and many more.

We recommend trying the classic Nutella, it is amazing!

Choco fruit:

Choco fruits serve chocolate drizzled fruits. They provide their products in the Southbank Centre and Selfridges. All chocolates are gluten-free and can be eaten by vegetarians. You can choose from their Butterfly box, their Darkside box and many more.

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