A foodie’s dream motive after staying home for months!

Southbank Centre Food Market - main meals

Southbank centre food market showcases several food stalls that would satisfy the needs of a hungry ‘foodie’. TripTide released an article acknowledging that street food is on the rise and showcases the best way to dine in the market, where a proper three-course meal is emphasised. Click here to learn more about it. The journal below will concentrate on the main course.

This journal will talk about three stalls: 28-well hung, the Frenchie and Pad + Sen.

28-Well Hung:

With the increased awareness of a need to take off the planet, 28-Well Hung is doing their part by being a regenerative restaurant. You will love this place if you care for the planet and if you love delicious food.

They serve amazing burgers and steaks. The burgers are dry-aged, topped with tomatoes, onion, pickles and homemade truffle mayo. Their steaks can be served with chimichurri, red wine and many more.

The Frenchie:

Famous French cuisine is done with a London twist. They serve duck confit and chips. Where it can be served in a burger with melted cheese of your choice - Cheddar, forme d’ambert or goat cheese. Their chips are hand chipped, cooked duck fat twice and served with their luxurious in house truffle mayonnaise.

Pad + Sen:

Pad + Sen is here to bring Londoners the authentic flavours of Pad thai. The food spot was created as the owner was frustrated about how the existing London Pad thai was not proper, so the owner made their own spot.

Their signature dish contains rice noodles with crab meat, beansprouts, Chinese chives, egg and green mango. You could also order their classics, which is the prawn, chicken or tofu version.

These are our top three picks for places to go in the Southbank Centre! Click here to learn what are the best picks for desserts in the same food market.