Be A Hero And Save The Bees

How the honey bees help the environment, the economy and your health

Honey bees? What are they?

Honey bees make honey using nectar and pollen, just like human beings, they live in large colonies. The colonies tend to include a queen bee, female worker bees, and some male drones. Bees contribute a lot to the environment, the economy and our health. You can find more about the health benefits of pure honey here. One-third of the food that people consume daily relies on pollination, especially from honey bees. Many fruits and vegetables require pollination, such as squash, soybeans, asparagus, avocados and many more.

There has been a significant decline in beekeeping in recent years, with a 95% decrease in the number of beehives. For the estimated 274,000 beehives in the UK, there has been minimal government funding to provide support. Have a look at a few of our suggestions that can make you more bee-friendly and support the beekeeping community.

Buy Local Honey:

Buying local honey has several benefits to your health, the environment and the economy. Buying local honey supports local beekeepers who will ensure the honey is unpasteurised, pure and raw. Much of the honey sold over-the-counter tends to be pasteurised and filtered, taking away the properties that give health benefits. It is not just honey; buying organic food from the local farmers market can create a healthy environment for the bees.

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Local honey will also allow you to taste the unique flavour of the honey made from your area. Bees produce honey from plants they pollinate; different regions have a distinct flavour, viscosity and colour.

Create A Bee-Friendly Garden:

Planting foxgloves and hydrangeas can attract honey bees. Bees are also attracted to fruit and vegetables as these are a great source of food for them. Even if you do not have a garden, a small herb plant on your window ledge can attract honey bees.

Create A Bees Nest

These are artificial structures that house bees, nests can help bees, you could provide bees with a water source, by adding water to a bird bowl with clean water and adding some stones.

There are many ways to help bees, such as buying local honey, choosing organic products, and even setting up a bowl full of water for them to drink. Bees are crucial for our health, the economy and the environment.

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